Simplified Model

We believe in Simplicity and so is our product.
Below is the business model.

our solution

Charge Parents
willing to enroll

Where's The Bus.

Where's THE BUS

A simple overview of the product.

A Video Intro

About the video

The video explains the product in the simplest manner possible, shows a demo of how tracking UI would help parents get their kid to bus stops on time and also help the parent's know that kid reached the destination safely.

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Features for Parents

Great care has been taken to provide the best possible experience for parents
Below are some best features.

Real time

Real-time bus location and alerts to get students to the bus stop on time.

On the go!

Track using our Android App or using our mobile/desktop website on any smartphone


Notifications in App, when the bus Comes nearby them.


Simple EMAIL and PASSWORD Login

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Features for School

From implementation to the usage, everything has been crafted with simplicity in mind.

Free Tracking

School can view all the buses in realtime in console for free.


Simple six steps implementation for school


100 percent flexibility with Drivers/Buses. Forget your worries of driver/bus changes

Daily Maintainance

Zero daily maintainance

Driver routine

Simple daily routine for Driver. Training them takes no more than 10 mins


Hassle free online payment.


An overview of the product setup process


Transparent pricing model. Additional discounts may apply on our fees, which can be viewed in the console.

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Meet The Team

Giving the best in each and every aspect

Gaurav Pangam


Former SAP ABAP Consultant.
Embraces learning and innovation.
Techy Nerd Always with his Computer and gadgets.

Muddsar Jamadar


Former SAP ABAP Consultant.
Dancer, Loves to socialise and meet new people.

Mohsin Mulla

Marketing Lead

Ekta Vagyani

Technical Lead

Kiran Bukshet

Marketing Lead