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    Where's The Bus entity is referred as "WBUS" below.

  • What is WBUS? Why might school need WBUS?

    WBUS is an easy-to-use website for school and app for parents, which enables school to see the location of child’s school bus on web browser and enables parent to see the location of child’s school bus on android phone. For school, the WBUS helps to track the bus’s running status, and in case of an issue the school can take appropriate actions to drop the child home on times which means giving more safety to students and showing parents school concern towards students. Parents do not need to call school to check on the status on their children bus status. In this digital world this type service is like none before.

  • How does it work?

    WBUS uses global positioning system (GPS) technology in driver's mobile phone to locate your bus.

  • Is the information private and secure?

    WBUS uses HTTPS, just like a bank or online store, which means that all communications between your web browser and the site is encrypted and secure. (That’s what the S in “HTTPS” stands for – secure.)

  • How do school sign up?

    To sign up, register your school here please make sure you enter correct and updated details in the form.

  • How to update school information?

    It is easy to update school account.

    • Sign in to your school account.

    • Go to "Settings"

    • Update your school data like school name, address, and phone numbers.

    • Change your password

  • How to add student?

    • Sign in to your school account.

    • Go to "Students"

    • Select method through which you want to add students

  • How to update student information?

    It is easy to update student information.

    • Sign in to your school account.

    • Go to "Students"

    • Select student for whom you want to update information like name, student’s school details, parents email id.

    • Also you can delete student profile.

  • What is Virtual Bus?

    Virtual bus: - Corresponds to a single journey to a route. E.g.:-1st journey, 2nd and so on.

  • For how many students, this service can be used?

    There is no any limitation on number of students.

  • What amount school can charge parents?

    School can take a different amount from the parents, according to the expense which school carries out to keep the system functional. School must have to pay a percentage of that amount to WBUS.If the percentage amount falls below the minimum amount, then the minimum amount will be collected. Please check console for detailed minimum costs, and our percentage.

  • Where to mention amount which will charged to parents

    • Go to "settings" in Bus Management Console.

    • Click on "Add".

    • Choose period and amount for this period which will be charged to parents.

    • To see rates and discount for your custom charges, Go to "Bills and Payments" and Click on "Pricing"

    Note: If the amount that will be collected by you per Student for the subscription to this service is not defined in settings, our default charges will be shown

  • How do we pay for subscriptions?

    WBUS offers you online payment methods. Whatever your online mode of payment, you can rest assured that WBUS's trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.

    • Sign in to your school account.

    • Go to "Bill and Payments"

    • Select the payment method.

    • Pay using online payment.

  • How can we track school bus?

    It is very simple.

    • Sign in to your school account.

    • Go to "Live Tracking"

    • See here live Buses.

  • Which devices does WBUS support?

    You can access using our app on android mobile device(Gingerbread and above versions). To access on the web please use Google Chrome/Firefox although we suggest using Google Chrome only.

  • Do I need Internet to use this service?

    Of course, you should have internet connection on your phone.

  • Having trouble to download WBUS app

    • Check your device internet connection is on or your device connected to Wi-Fi.

    • Enable if Unknown Sources in device settings.

    • And again try to install it.

  • Troubling to connect WBUS app

    Mostly this happens due to a problem with your internet connection.

    Please try following steps to fix internet connection

    • Restart your device or switch off and on

    • Check your device internet connection is on or your device connected to Wi-Fi

    • Check Airplane mode is off

  • How do I pay?

    It should be paid to school, the same way parents pay for the school bus fee.

  • How should I know that my kid's school supports this?

    Your school might have told you if not you need to contact your school and ask if they use W's The BUS solution.

  • My Kid's school does not use this, still how can I get the service?

    Well if school does not use this then you can provide us the details of school and we will contact them until then you cannot use this contact us

  • How do I get (or change) my login email id?

    You need to contact school to get (or change) registered email id.

  • How do I retrieve (or set new) WBUS password

    You can retrieve your password if you forget it or want to set new password.

    • Go to login page and select Forgot password

    • Enter your email id and click on Reset

    • You will receive an email on your email id

    • Go to your email and check for verification link and click on that link

    • Enter your new password, then select Reset

  • What will happen if my kid absent for a day in school?

    As of now still you will get notifications of bus started and reached.

  • My kids go to different schools, still can I use same login email id for them?

    Well, you can login with registered email id which you will provide to your kid’s school. You can provide same (or different) email id to different school.

  • My kids go to different schools, still can I use this same app for them?

    Yes. You can use same app for each of your kid even if they go to different schools. Provided that schools must have implemented our solution.

  • How do I sign in for different schools?

    To sign in for another school,

    • Select icon (options), and then select

    • Select Add

    • You will redirect to login page

    • Enter your email id and select school for which you want to sign in and enter password

    • Select Verify

    • That’s it.

  • For how many schools, I can use this app to login?

    You can login for any number of schools as many as you want unless you have paid for the account.

  • How can I track my kids?

    You can track one kid at a time, whoever you want to track, select your kid from option menu .And selecting , you can track your kid on map.

  • How will I know if bus has started it's journey or not?

    You will get notification when bus starts and stops. To get live bus status, select option.

  • How many people can track simultaneously for a same kid using this app?

    With current subscription at a time 2 people can track the bus simultaneously if more people need to track then you will have to buy another subscription.

  • Do I get information about distance between bus and my location?

    Yes. You can get this information in .

    (Note: The distance shown is just a point to point calculation on map. This does not show the actual distance by road).

  • How will I know, if bus has come nearby my house or not?

    You will get notifications on your phone when the bus is nearby you.
    Note:- To use this feature you need to have our app installed in your phone. Also the phone needs to have its GPS on so that we can calculate your distance from bus.

  • Where do I find information about bus driver?

    To get information about driver, select

  • How do I know about my account validity?

    Go to menu option and select

  • How do I sign out of WBUS school account?

    • Select icon , and then select

    • Choose school for which you want to do sign out.

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